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Welcome to the
FeeLgr8r NFT Profit Sharing Offer!

FeeLgr8r, Inc. is a registered non-profit that is pleased to offer you an opportunity to profit share from the future sale of our NFT collection. We are selling NFTs to raise money to fund the FeeLgr8r mission.

Buy any merch from the FeeLgr8r Shop for a potential payout of $57,000 per NFT.

That's right... each NFT is expected to generate almost $57 million in redistributable profits. This profit will be equally paid to only 1,000 people. This amounts to $57,000 per NFT, per person.

The best part is you don't need to know about NFTs or crypto-currencies to get started. 

Our team will provide you with a profit sharing agreement to digitally sign and we will walk you through the quick & easy wallet setup steps to receive your automatic payout in the near future when an NFT is sold.  

Are you ready to move forward with this offer? Remember, all you have to do is purchase any merch from the FeeLgr8r Shop.

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