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Welcome to the [FeeLgr8r Now!] channel!

Our founder, Amari Nyota Kweli, presents insights on FeeLgr8r and the role it can have in fulfilling one's life with FeeLgr8r moments in the Now

Visit the FeeLgr8r Now! Youtube page for the latest video. Don't forget to click that Subscribe button! 

FeeLgr8r Now!
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Please Read:

Winners are picked from submitted entries that were shared on social media and as a result, received the most visits and most importantly, the most votes from their family & friends!


In addition to being Featured, all lucky winners may or may not receive gifts, trophies and other incentives from FeeLgr8r's founder and visionary, Amari Nyota Kwelito be personally distributed at his discretion to whomever he pleases, in the present Now or in the not too distant Future. 

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