Welcome to [FeeLgr8r]!

Welcome to the FeeLgr8r website! This is an online destination where visitors can share their own and experience other people’s FeeLgr8r moments. What’s a Feelgr8r moment? They are those special moments when a person or group of people are engaged in an experience of authentic FeeLgr8r.

FeeLgr8r is described as the inner sensations felt during and after a healthy activity is performed, positive vibe is shared, and/or desired milestone is accomplished. FeeLgr8r is that feeling a person gets when they feel relaxed, refreshed, happy, joyful, loved, and accomplished. Not to be confused with just merely feeling good, Feelgr8r is that plus more: personal awareness of one’s own inner development and the celebratory mood that follows shortly after. When that combination of things happen, that person is having what’s known as a FeeLgr8r Moment!

The Feed presented on this page displays a collection of pictures and videos from a variety of mainstream social media sites. People from all over the world are asked to use the #feelgr8r hashtag on whatever they share that fits the FeeLgr8r description above. The hope is that as more of these moments are tagged, this site will be a popular destination for engaging the latest dosage of Feelgr8r and serve to improve the mood and mindset of each new or returning visitor.