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Welcome to [FeeLgr8r]!

About FeeLgr8r
About FeeLgr8r

About FeeLgr8r

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About [FeeLgr8r]!

Welcome to FeeLgr8r (pronounced "feel greater"). This is an online destination founded by creative genius and multi-talented, Amari Nyota Kweli.

FeeLgr8r is where visitors can share their own and experience other people’s FeeLgr8r moments. What’s a FeeLgr8r moment? They are those special moments when a person or group of people are engaged in an experience of authentic FeeLgr8r.

FeeLgr8r is described as the inner sensations felt during and after a healthy activity is performed, positive vibe is shared, and/or desired milestone is accomplished. FeeLgr8r is that feeling a person gets when they feel relaxed, refreshed, happy, joyful, loved, and accomplished. Not to be confused with just merely feeling good, FeeLgr8r is that plus more: personal awareness of one’s own inner development and the celebratory mood that follows shortly after. When that combination of things happen, that person is having what’s known as a FeeLgr8r Moment!

Our Mission:

As a non-profit entity, our corporate mission is to positively impact the world by raising FeeLgr8r awareness through the content displayed on this website, sponsoring FeeLgr8r themed events, and hosting FeeLgr8r specific public speaking engagements. While we accept financial donations, our core business model relies on member donations and the sales from The FeeLgr8r Winners Cube NFT Collection.

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