Welcome to the FeeLgr8r [Channels]!


The FeeLgr8r Life

The Founder presents direction & insights on [The FeeLgr8r Life] and the role it can have in fulfilling one's life with many FeeLgr8r moments. 

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The Pac King

The Pac King, Top Gamers on Earth's Top Ranked [Ms. Pac-Man] player, presents mesmerizing gaming videos for fans across the galaxy. 



Mr. Phrase-Keywords, a 20+ year Software Automation Architect presents the highly anticipated [Follow My Flow] podcast. 

Relaxing by the Water


Chillax is where you'll find the soothing sounds and comforting sights to help you relax and reset. 

Dazzling Light


Escape is where you'll find the cool stuff like ASMR, 432 Hz binaural sounds, eye stimulating light shows, and more. 

The Leap


Motivate is where you'll find the inspirational messages that will push you to overcome the challenges in your life.